Thursday, 12 January 2012


We're back! Unlike most towns and cities which are expanding ever outwards I am here to say that the global village is definitely getting smaller.

We flew back from Vancouver - half way round the world for us - and arrived home delighted with the smoothness of the trip. As there are no direct flights in winter to or from Glasgow we had to go through London Heathrow. Whether it was the British Airways carrier, the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow or the fact that more people are traveling ... or possibly more attention paid to travel logistics e.g. transport connections, check-in and security queues, etc ... we found the whole process over 24 hours very, very efficient and stress-free. Oh yes, computer booking and confirmation as well as seat selection must be a factor too. In total, much time-saving is evident compared to years ago.

Great piles of lovely mail to be opened ... and on a lovely sunny morning! Heaven!! ... well that along with having a sleep in one's own bed and an Only-Tastes-Good-in-Britain cup of tea!

Cards and letters bring talk of travels, health bulletins, births, deaths, achievements, photographs from recent or long ago, as well as talk of meeting up again in near or far locations.

Christmas card season (which we welcome as having moved house and being the age we are some people are sadly coming off our mailing list) is closely followed by Burns Season.

January is never long with us as some Burns Supper or variation of it, is on the go. Maybe it is a proper Supper with Iain playing in the haggis, or maybe a ceilidh or concert ... or maybe dinner with friends with Iain brushing up his Address to the Haggis or his pièce de résistance: Tam O'Shanter.

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