Sunday, 11 July 2010


It is Sunday and it is very quiet. Why are there no cars on Maryhill Road (as I drive in to the Western Infirmary to see Iain)? Why are there only taxis on Byres Road? The hospital car park is only half full this evening. The Surgical Ward has hardly a soul to be seen. Ah hah ... as I walk down the hall past the TV room I see through the door that it is in darkness with patients and staff leaning forward glued to the TV set (exuding the rather irritating sound of vuvuzelas very much sotto voce). Of course! It's the football. The West of Scotland simply closes down!

As I write this at home later in the evening let me tell you that the street is dead quiet and every TV set is on. (In this row of all houses the same, the living room faces the street. An illuminated box is evident in every window!)

Ho hum ... where was I?

Iain is getting better and better. Things are much the same as yesterday meaning that he still has the chest drain in but being Sunday nothing is happening so he expects it will be removed tomorrow. He is in good spirits and furthermore seems to be ready to pick up a paperback. He has not been reading much at all only listening to the radio and audio books. This is not because of his head or neck; he just doesn't feel like it. Now he is sniffing magazines and books so this is him getting back to his old habits.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Anne brought me some flowers - gorgeous lilies. In order to make them last as long as possible I keep them on the front porch. Furthermore this is my attempt to bring beauty into a bourach. This is a Gaelic word for "a mess"... a word that is used rather a lot in our family (especially when applied to Alastair's room when he was growing up!)

The roof is 99% finished. Meanwhile stuff continues to slide down from above or blow off the scaffolding in the wind ... the rain soaks the tools that are left out ... the roofers' litter is strewn everywhere giving me, and my neighbours apoplexy. Ho hum.

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