Friday, 9 July 2010


Iain is much, much better! The Physio left him with a plastic tube to blow into which pushes a little ball up a calibrated tube. Remember the Strong Man Ring a Bell at the circus? His colour is very good and he is now breathing normally.

John visited today for the first time and tomorrow he is taking the children as they are an absolute tonic particularly for me in the wings and, I know, will be for Iain tomorrow! (Well, yes, we are talking about small doses here as they can be pretty exhausting when you have them full-time ... especially during these light mornings!)

I took a mirror in today and he was able to see that his black eye is away now. No other cuts or bruises on his face. Remember the time 50 years ago when he went through the windscreen of his girl-friend's car?

These photos of the kids complete the collage. They are both talking now. Ishie - Little Miss Chatterbox - has an extensive vocabulary which gets a good work-out whenever we are together. She loves to dress up and is choosing all her own (co-ordinated) outfits. We enjoy her fashion parades where we can admire - on her pile of lovely curls - her "tararra". Illustrated is her Marimekko Tea Cosy (Wannabe Ascot) hat and my Photoshop effort to be-jewel it!

Alastair has a role model, of course, with Ishie and is now trotting out big 3 syllable words along with the odd sentence. It's quite sweet, e.g. when we were looking at a book he points to the picture of the sun: "What's that?" "An octopus"!

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