Monday, 5 July 2010


People have been phoning and sending cards after Iain's accident (a week ago - see previous posts), The cards sit on the window-sill beside his bed in the Surgical Ward at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow.

First the card, then the Bulletin. This came from Sandy and Lesley, our neighbours. We had to laugh at Sandy's suggestion: " ....perhaps as you lie there ... you could write a new pipe tune and maybe call it

MacLeod's Farewell to the Roofspace " !!!!

The Health Bulletin, i.e. position today: his breathing is not so laborious and he feels he can do without the oxygen, but the repeat chest x-ray today shows he has a chest infection. This is despite his diligent deep-breathing. The bruise he has on the right side of his back (down his rib cage) goes from his armpit to 2 inches below his hip bone!

The orthopaedic position this evening is as follows: the plan is to keep him in bed for 6 weeks, i.e. not go the route of a neck/torso brace. The reasons underpinning this decision are unclear to me but all will be explained in the fullness of time.

Meanwhile I am off to hunt for a CD with Gaelic music on it for his ipod nano which John has loaned him. Tonight he will have to make do with Paul Anderson fiddle music CD which I copied on to it. (My CDs tend toward the classical with Scottish and folk heavily sprinkled in.)

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