Monday, 3 May 2010


It's that time of year again. We're on the move. Iain has been beavering away to get the boat ready for the summer and this year he is really off his mark good and early!

Peter took her from Bowling to Rhu on Friday, then sailed up to Ardrishaig in preparation for us - en famille - to take her through the canal at the weekend.

Well, we had a great time! Here we all are!

Sailor Alastair (2 and a bit years) in the quarter-berth. Our boat is a Fastnet 34 Bermudan sloop "Seol na Mara". She has a port-hole in the stern which is a very distinctive feature of this boat (built in Skibareen and collected by us from south of England in 1980. So this is her 31st season.)

Grandpa is working the stern warp as the water lowers in the lock. Ishie (3 1/4 years) likes to have a job to do at whatever activity is taking place so here she is at the tiller. While Iain and John were changing the gas cylinder in the cockpit locker Ishie comes up from the cabin, peers over, and enquires, "Everything alright?" (She sometimes she chirps "Are you managing OK?" as one is on one's hands and knees struggling with something or other!!!)

Kiddie Heaven is a (sea water) pump in the sink. This is one place they can pump as much water as they like! (The fresh water pump is the metal, curved one.)

Laura joined us to help come through the canal. She's on the bow while John, who ran ahead to prepare the locks, and Iain and Ishie put their back into it as they prepare to leave the lock on the upwards bit of the trip (Cairnbaan).

Mairi is on the bank loosening her muscle-bounds shanks, as the song says! We are now approaching the west coast.

It's me ... I can be heard singing "Oh, it's the Crinan Canal for me! I don't like the deep rolling sea. Those big foaming breakers; they give me the shakers. The Crinan Canal for me!"

Finally we tie up in the upper lock at Crinan. Iain will be arriving next week with his French visitors who are going to head out west to explore the islands.

Laura is taking over the shift from Teddy Bear who - along with Grandma - is quite exhausted with the mini-sized crew aboard! However as the song says:


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Laura said...

What a lovely day it turned out to be! Love the photos, Laura x