Thursday, 21 May 2009


Iain and George W. spent a 3 days on the Clyde in Seol-na-Mara (our yellow-hulled boat). They sailed to Arran (an island in the lower Clyde estuary) and based themselves in the bay at Loch Ranza where they could set off for a day's climbing.

I met them at the Royal Northern pier, back in the upper Clyde at the Holy Loch, where Iain is going to leave Seol-na-Mara for a few days as we might do some days sails next week.


Top photo by Clive Reeves, Clyde Cruising Club.

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Vagabonde said...

I love the sky in these pics. Did you enhance the clouds in the second picture, or was it like that “au naturel”, I mean when you saw them (not a good translation) ? they have a lot of character.