Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Being a Kard-Kinda Person and also a Tea-Drinker, it was lovely to receive both from Mairi yesterday! The ledge to the left of my desk where the computer is mounted now has the Spring Sunshine pouring through the window every day!

The clocks have now been put forward an hour and the days are definitely warming up! Oh how I do like this time of year! No matter what I have bee doing, I always feel at this time of year that it has been "A Long Winter"!

This glass Whale's Fin sits on the ledge to my right. Light through glass intrigues me. I love the swirls in it! How do they make this stuff? Maybe some day I will go to Murano and find out!

In the meantime, I will content myself with exploring the colours which is the reason it caught my eye in the first place. (I don't recall where or when I bought it; it is not Murano!)

This bit of mosaic 'art' is a Mairi-Creation! This is the bath at Dunira and I love it! Look at its Clyde-built taps and the enormous vertical plug!

Mairi has a helpful note in place! And if, like me you get mixed up with your clockwise and your anticlockwise, you could always watch the water swirling down the plug-hole!

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