Friday, 19 December 2008


Our annual Christmas card has now been printed! Peter who supplies the origianl pencil drawing chose the theme of The Fife Classics (which be seen elsewhere on this blog). Seol-n-Mara now needs a quick dab of paint on the hull and that will be Iain and I ready for the Great Writing Marathon!

Most people would qwell at the thought! Not me! I watched Nigella Lawson's Christmas Cookery programme on the box last night and she stated my feelings" "I just like the whole fandango!" She means, of course, making chocolate truffles, laced with brandy, rolled in a chocolate coating, topped of with (another) while chocolate dollop and then a cherry popped on top ... along with some angelica .... and probably there were even some candied gold balls on top of that!

No .... I mean sitting down with the paintbox - we are talking Paint-by-Number here - the fountain pen, the enclosures, the change of address labels and who knows what else? Then there are 2 address books to consult and update. Iain does The List and allocates "I" or "B" for the task, and, to be fair, he does his 50%.

So back to some more post which Iain picked up at the house yesterday. (That is the Christmas cake I made from Cornflower's recipe. A real treat to myself!

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