Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Iain and Peter and Angus were away sailing for the long weekend. I met up with them at Carrick Castle (west shore of Loch Goil). Angus cooked dinner aboard and we all had a wee ceilidh afterwards.

Iain rowed me ashore in the morning and I returned to Helensburgh (an hour's drive) with my camera at the ready.

The leaves are starting to turn now. I forgot to take the ordinary lens but enjoyed trying to get some photos with the big, fancy close-up lens.

A horse chestnut tree with all the chestnuts forming and falling to the ground.

The Rest and Be Thankful was quite busy. The old road is in the bottom of the glen. The traffic is moving along the present day road.

There were light showers coming and going. When I stepped out of the car to take a photo down the glen I turned around and just caught this rainbow. By the time I lowered the camera, it was gone.

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